A Merchant Account for Gas Stations and Convenience Stores!

Pay Manager offers a wide range of profit increasing services for gas stations and convenience stores. We understand that the industry has always been at the cutting edge of payment processing innovations and point-of-sale technology because efficiency and consumer loyalty remain your highest priorities. Presently, most customers do not even talk to a cashier or attendant, they just pay right there at the gas pump. This leads to the thought that merchant service technology becomes more complex every day, gas stations and convenience stores need to adapt or risk being left behind.

The complexities of the ever changing point-of-sale technology has saved gas station and convenience store owners labor costs, but sadly it’s also increased the fees you pay for the actual point-of sale processing. From your company’s point of view, reducing these costs and transactional fees should be a huge concern and Clear Payments will give you the lowest payment processing rates as possible. Cash payments are becoming the minority choice of how your customers pay you. With most of your customers choosing to use credit cards, it only would make sense for you to choose a merchant account provider like Clear Payments.

Streamline Your Payment Processing

In the internet world we live in, payment processing and merchant service solutions are faster and more secure than ever. Clear Payments offers online access to the Merchant Connect section, a place online to view all of your transactional data and payment processing history. This improves reporting capabilities, and allows you to manage the back-end of the payment processing side much more easily.


We here at Pay Manager strive to bring our clients and their customers a safe, efficient, and simple payment processing solution. But we won’t stop there, we are more than just a merchant account provider offering services ranging from complete e-commerce solutions to credit building, credit reporting and much more!